Launching the RateTheMBTA Blog

rate-the-mbtaWelcome to the RateTheMBTA blog.  We’re two Boston residents who got sick and tired of complaining about the MBTA to anyone who might (or might not) listen.  We’ve created a new way for MBTA riders to talk about their experiences riding the bus, boat, commuter rail and subway.  Our goal is to build a community where riders can shares the highs and lows of their commutes and trips on the MBTA and along the way can increase accountability and transparency from the MBTA itself.

Our platform was created to let users review any and every trip and experience they want to.  Unlike other “review” sites, we don’t limit the number of times you can share your opinion about something to one.  Unlike social networks like Twitter (where a lot of you already share your #MBTA experiences), everyone who visits will be able to read what you have to say instead of just those you are friends with or follow you.

Over here on the blog we’ll be sharing interesting information and funny stories from our site as well as updates and commentary about the MBTA in general.

Thanks for reading –

Andy & Scott

PS – Check out the site at and sign up and start sharing!

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