About RateTheMBTA




RateTheMBTA allows riders to share their experience and increase the accountability and transparency of the MBTA

RateTheMBTA was started in Boston in 2012 with the goal of allowing riders to share their opinions about their experience using the MBTA every day. We’ve been riding the TBusBoat or Rail for over 8 years and realized there was no way for customers to share how they felt in a way that would hold the MBTA accountable. We’ve emailed, we’ve written, we’ve Tweeted, we’ve Facebooked, we’ve texted our friends. However, once that moment had passed, this complaint or piece of praise disappeared, never to be seen again.

Enter RateTheMBTA from ActuallyHeard. Unlike social networks, everyone will be able to see your opinions – not just your friends or those who follow you. Unlike online review sites that focus on one review at one point of time, we built a system that lets you track and share how you feel about the MBTA over time. By preserving and tracking everything, our goal is to increase transparency while also helping others out by sharing our collective knowledge.

Start telling your MBTA story today!

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