The Team


Andy conceived the idea of RateTheMBTA in 2012 after one too many crowded trains blew by him without stopping. He’d been riding the T, bus, boat and rail for at least 8 years while living and working in Boston and had enough without having a place to really have his opinion heard. He envisioned creating a new way for himself and other riders to review whatever they wanted as often as they wanted by allowing them to track their ratings and reviews over time.

You can find Andy on the Green Line and Orange Line daily, riding from the North End to the Back Bay.


Scott is the technical brains behind ActuallyHeard. He spent 6 years at Compete where he was responsible for creating data architecture and methodology for a panel of 2 million internet users. He thinks that we can change the way people share and discover opinions online with ActuallyHeard and knows all too well the trials and tribulations of commuting on the MBTA.

He’s not riding the T every day anymore, but you still might find him on the Orange Line a couple times a week.

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